ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Access.

Imagine the convenience of being able to open doors through the mobile key stored on your smartphone. Now you can.”

Lock System

The latest generation of VingCard’s RFID locks Classic and Signature are all compatible with Mobile access. the only thing needed is to add a small Bluetooth low-energy board to the lock. VingCard Sri Lanka

VingCard Sri Lanka


VingCard Sri Lanka & Maldives

VingCard Sri Lanka


ASSA ABLY Dealer in Sri Lanka
VingCard Dealer in Sri Lanka

Customize printing Ving Hotel Key Card Sri Lanka & Maldives

We are the print & supplier of customized RFID keycards that are of the highest quality and compatible with Ving Card RFID proximity key card compatible for Vingcard ASSA ABLOY, encrypted with Mifare Ultralight EV1 chip. Competitive Price.

Assa abloy vingcard hotel key cards in Sri lanka & Maldives

We can supply premium quality by integrating the latest evolution of MIFARE Plus® EV1 smart card contactless ICs from NXP Semiconductors into our RFID keycards and carriers to maximize usability and provide the most advanced security features.

Vingcard Supplier in Sri Lanka & Maldives

Vingcards Sri Lanka Access Key Cards provide access control for hotels, club memberships ticketing, exhibitions, and other events. Front Desk Supply designs custom key cards for leading hotel chains and resorts.

There are several common types of key cards including magnetic stripe cards, smart cards, and NFC cards…

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