RFID Cards & Card Printing Service


We are an Sri Lanka leading Hotel Key Card supplier. Key cards can be customized as requirement of customer. (Ex: PVC Cards, Epoxy Cards, Wooden Cards, disposable cards, ID Cards, Mifare Cards, etc..). Our clients range from independent small guest house to International Hotel brands, hence, it shows we are flexible in adjusting our approach to ensure each of our clients received a tailored solution. 

Hotel lock systems

Looking for a RFID product or solution for your application?

Hotel key Cards
Hotel key Cards


We Have All type of RFID Cards.

  • MIFARE Classic® EV1 1K Card
  • NTAG213 Silicone Wristband
  • RFID Blocking Card
  • RFID Epoxy Keyfob
  • RFID Smart Card Inlay Prelam Sheet
  • RFID Waste Bin Worm Tag
  • RFID Wooden Card
  • VingCard Cards
  • Textile RFID UHF Laundry Tag
  • Woven RFID Wristband
  • NXP Cards
  • Proximity Card

Hotel Key Card Printing Service

Card Printing Service

Plastic ID Card Printing

Why Us?

As one of the most experienced and leading manufacturer in the cards and RFID products field, SUPER UNIQUE is always your primary choice.

The reasons

  1. SUPER UNIQUE understand our customers’ needs better based on its extensive experience in the plastic cards, RFID cards and other RFID material and products fields;
  2. SUPER UNIQUE provides customers with high quality and low price products unmatched by other manufacturers of the same level;
  3. SUPER UNIQUE has many specialists in these fields to take care of your needs, and these specialists are supported by a number of sales persons who are with high level of language skills and are constantly trained to understand customers’ requirements better.

Our Key cards work with all major lock brands:

We supply magnetic/RFID/NFC cards (Hico/Loco) and all types of smart cards (Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, and HID)


ID Cards Printing Sri Lanka

We are also doing ID Cards Printing Service. Best Solutions for Printed PVC Cards, Plastic Office ID Cards & Visitor Passes in Sri Lanka. We print affordable plastic custom company ID cards using excellent quality PVC material which has maximum durability.

ID Cards Printing Sri Lanka

What Type of Card we Print

TEMIC key card locks for hotels Rooms in Sri Lanka

Mifare S50 Hotel key Cards for hotels rooms in Sri Lanka

Orbita Hotel Lock & Key cards in Sri Lanka

VingCard hotel lock Key Card Available in Sri Lanka

VingCard Allure, VingCard Essence, VingCard Flex, VingCard Compatible 1K White PVC RFID Cards

13.56Mhz Key Cards in Sri Lanka & Maldives

Chip: MIFARE Ultralight EV1, MIFARE 1K/4K, MIFARE Ultralight C etc.