offers to hotel a modern and elegant DND systems for Sri Lanka & Maldives , we design and customize “Do Not Disturb systems”.

Intuitive use, this DND provides important extra comfort for the guest.

The smart DND system is widely used in hotels, motels and apartments that offer the guest the option of indicating their preferences outside the room.

Hotel Doorbell (DND/MUR) System

Touch Panel Hotel Doorbell System consists of two or more parts, in-room and outdoor. The panel is linked to the system via doorbell. When the DND button is pressed, outdoor panel shows ‘do not disturb’ sign and the doorbell becomes inactive. When the Cleaning button is pressed, outdoor panel shows ‘cleaning’ sign. With easy use and constant DND/MUR feature, it gives your hotel more comfort.

Operation& usage:

1.  Hotel room number showing. Switch is touchable. In normal conditions, press the button “doorbell” of touch screen to open the bell, and the guests will know there are visitors at the door when hear the euphonious ring.

2. Capacitive touchable door switch, When guests press “D.N.D” button inside of room, “Do not disturb” Indicator light in the door bell switch will be lighting outside of room, doorbell will not work at this time(Status)

3. When guests want to clean the room, he only need to touch“Clean” button inside of room, then “make up room” Indicator light in the door bell switch will lighting outside of room, so the cleaner can know customer’s demands.

4. When guest insert the room card into Energy-saving switch,then outside LCD screen “Guest” light up,means there is guest in the room let the waiter know there is someone in the room.

We are doing custom DND solutions in Sri Lanka & Maldives

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