K7 Push & Pull New Series

1.Fingerprint/ RFID Card /PIN Access
2.Digital Touch Keypad with Fake password
3.In & Out Push Message Alert
4.Status Notification Feature
5.PIN to administer enrolment and deletion
6.Manner Mode for quiet night outings
7.Universal installation
8.Emergency external battery terminal(Micro USB port)
9.Emergency mechanical bypass Key
10.Passage way mode
11.Privacy mode.


Model K7-5
Material Zinc alloy
Dimension(mm) L400*80*22mm
Used for Office/apartment/villa
Sliding closure Yes
Voice operation guide language Chinese,English(default)
LED display Have
Applicative Door Wooden doors, metal doors
Applicative Door Thickness 40-60mm,60-90mm,90-120mm
Color Copper/Silver/Golden
Type of lock body Automatic Lock body
Unlocking way Fingerprint/Card/password/key/Bluetooth
Master Password 1
User Password 10
Password length 6-12 digits
Type of card RFID,Mifarel,IC,S50,S70
Card capacity 100
Type of FPG Semi-conductor
Identification time <0.5 sec
Fingerprints Capacity 100
Double Locking mode Automatic
Power Supply DC 6V 4 AA Battery
Emergency power supply Micro USB port
Battery life 12 months
Mechanical cylinder&key Have
Working temperature -20℃-55
Working humidity 15%-90%RH
Lockbody T-7270
Anti panic Yes
Opening direction Universal
Center distance 72mm
Backset 70mm

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