Kaadas S110-5W

Unlock way:

  • Fingerprints
  • Passwords
  • Mechanical Key


Auto-locking | Away Mode | Fake Pincode | Lockout mode | One-time Pincode

Material:  Aluminum alloy+Pure brass+
Suitable for: Any type of mechanical lock compatible with Euro Specially wooden doors



Kaadas S110-5W Smart Door Lock


This is a newly designed model of Kaadas S110-5w smart door lock. Electronic Fingerprint Deadbolt lock Adopt the latest structural design and be suitable for any aluminum or wooden door with more than 40mm door thickness. This lock can also be used for wooden doors and fits a deadbolt single latch lock. open method is Fingerprint, Password, Cards, WiFi Mobile App and Mechanical key. Kaadas Door lock Sri lanka

Kaadas S110

Kaadas S110-5w Digital Door Locks Sri Lanka




Specification parameter
Kaadas Smart lock S110-5w Specification


Enhance your household security by incorporating the Kaadas S110 WiFi lever lock, seamlessly merging classic and contemporary aesthetics. With a range of access options tailored to diverse requirements, unlocking your door becomes a hassle-free task. Additionally, the integrated WiFi feature allows you to remotely authorize one-time passwords (OTP) and monitor your lock, providing unparalleled convenience and peace of mind. Elevate your home’s security with this superior fusion of style, convenience, and cutting-edge technology.



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