All Type Hotel Lock Key Card Encorder V9-T557 Pro+ usb

V9-T557 USB card reader writer smart hotel lock RFID card reader


V9-T557 usb card reader writer smart hotel lock rfid card reader Sri lanka card reader, em4305 card reader, V9 USB encoder ProUSB RF Card Lock Software

Three Types Of Options: (Same appearance, different chip)
1) With 125KHz frequency chip, work with T5557 card.
2) With 125Khz frequency chip, work with EM4305 card.
2) With a 13.6MHz frequency chip, work with a Mifare 1K card.

If the key card is used only for opening the door, the T5577 or EM-4305 card system will be enough.
If the key card is for multifunctional purposes instead of just opening a door, such as for a consumption system,
parking system, access control system, and so on, you need to choose the Mifare 1K card system.

V9 hotel lock encoder has three different types.

Pro+ V9-T557-usb-card-reader-writer-smart-hotel-lock-rfid-card-reader-Sri-Lanka
System Construction
locks, computer, management software, Encoder, T5557 card, or energy-saving switch.
Multiple functions
program / manage the cards.
Five levels of control
General control, building control, floor control, area control, and room control.
Password control
System password and operating password together to ensure security.
Cipher coding to key card
Each card has a different code that cannot be copied. Compulsory decoding will destroy the card automatically.
Area control
Cards of different types and levels can open different locks in different locations.
Timing control
A working clock is set inside locks to control the effective time limit of card keys.
File record
All issued card keys have records including each opening(also mechanical key opening.
File record
An open function can be canceled when the card is missed.
Inductive Distance

HL-EC-M1 Mifare card encoder –  HL-EC-57 125Khz T5577 card encoder – ProUSB RF Card Lock Software – Pro+ Encorder

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