SML-L8 Splendor Luxury Smart Lock

SML-L8 Luxury Smart Lock

1.Fingerprint + Password + Card + Mechanical key  (Semiconductor Sensor)
2.100 Groups
3.Classic Voice Prompt
4.Status Notification Feature
5.Universal installation
6.Emergency external battery terminal(Micro USB port)
7.Emergency mechanical bypass Key
8.Passage way mode
9.Privacy mode.
10.Antique Copper, Zinc Alloy


SML-L8 Splendor Luxury Smart Lock

Empire Splendor Styles luxury SML-L8 exquisite and kingdom pattern is the best choice for high luxury residential doors. Empire kingdom design mix with Sri Lanka traditional designs art brings consumers a feeling of luxury and high quality. The antique arm curved design at 35℃ combines practicality and beauty, showing a high-end metal texture. luxury smart lock provide first look your residence luxury attractions. SML-L8 is the wishful pattern of the smooth handle model expresses good luck and happiness, while the extra-long panel maximizes the elegant style.The craftsmanship settled over time provides fun between opening and closing the door every time.




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SML-L8 Kingdom Design



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